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Alpenglow, hit the slopes in this
ski resort building board game.
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I'm Sean Wittmeyer, a senior product designer driving impact through data, research, and design.




Architecture + Urban Design

I have been designing and developing platforms for building communities, sharing knowledge, and empowering teams for almost 20 years. My side projects include Pylos and The Complexity Explorer - webapps designed to collect and help designers engage with a more connected and complex world. Other digital diversions are on my website and some are open-sourced.
I am a registered architect in Colorado and Oregon focusing on computational design, environmental performance, and connected and human-centric urbanism with Masters in both Urban Design and Architecture from Iowa State University. I am a believer in the design-build way of production, striving to make places and spaces specifically designed for people, and enjoy researching how technology can help. I am always up for a week-long build project and love getting my hands dirty.

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Hello from Portland, Oregon.

Contact — Feel free to reach out for speaking engagements, consulting on smart cities or building sustainability, or to simply say hi. I can be reached here.

I’m also rebuilding my personal site, see the work-in-progress here.