Sean Gordon Wittmeyer

Senior Product Designer
Product Strategist
UX Researcher


Experienced senior UI/UX designer dedicated to creating the next generation of powerful and intuitive tools for complex workflows. 

I combine my background as an architect and experince founding two startups with my deep understanding of data, business strategy, research, and product management to craft digital experiences and tools for the AEC industry.
Case Studies

Professional Work

New Avenue Homes

Product Design, Product Strategy, UX Research, GTM Strategy
I lead UI/UX design for the firm’s in-house project management app as a practicing architect and project manager with New Avenue.

I regularly conducted interviews and worked with the team and homeowners to identify problems and challenges with our workflows and tools then designed solutions for development and implementation. I also generated help sheets and other customer service resources and guided clients as we transitioned them to the new app.

Source of Truth from Files to Finances

• Grew an audience of 2600 followers in 2 months
• Achieved an ROAS of at least 9x (target was 4x)
• Raised $66k on Kickstarter in 30 days (222% of goal)
The differences in the interface for quotes, change orders and invoices caused accounting errors that added up. Designers and homeowners wanted better control of the breakdown and easy access to more detail.

Improvements to the formatting of the finances form, notes with formatting with markdown, and the introduction of file attachments sped up the review process of financial documents and reduced the need for customer calls and team meetings.

The budget is a consolidated view of project finances.
Quotes enjoyed a simplified interface for data entry.

File Center

The app was strong in finances and weak in communication. A new and easier to use file center brought the discussion online for design files and contracts and reduced the need for endless share links.

Less time searching for emails and shared Box links lead to fewer client meetings and reduced construction RFI’s (requests for information).

All project files transitioned from Box to the app.
Relevant metadata established chain of custody and reduced redundancy.
Project organization and permissions ensured access control.
The files and attachments integrated throughout the app.

Contact Center and Consultants Portal

• Create a single point of contact for project teams
• Reduced manual payments by 50%
• Reduced accounting time by 25%
The contact center was two projects merged into a single seamless experience for users. Homeowners wanted a personal connection with their full team and New Avenue’s designers and builders wanted to consolidate consultants and project finances.

Paying internal consultants relied heavily on manual payments and increased the burden on accounting. The payments workflow kept the same simple format for customers to review, approve and pay while expanding the options for how money is collected and to whom it gets paid.

This lead to the reduction of manual/check payments in the first 3 months by 70% and saved 50% of the accounting time for these payments.

Consultants database integrated 3rd party users.
Consultants integrated into the project finances & payments.

Project consultants can be shared between projects while keeping contracts and finances separate. 

Project Overview

• Grew an audience of 2600 followers in 2 months
• Achieved an ROAS of at least 9x (target was 4x)
• Raised $66k on Kickstarter in 30 days (222% of goal)
The new overview section, designed from user feedback, ensures details and tasks are not overlooked. Phase detail pages now serve as a customizable home for each phase, allowing homeowners to approve phase completion and access necessary documents and messages. The design connects to many site features, enabling file uploads, invoice creation, and meeting minute entries without unnecessary navigation.

The Feasibility Report replaces Google Docs and simplifies processes by automating data collection and layout. Project designers use a pre-populated template with live links to Google and Bing Maps and upload relevant files and data. This information is formatted for PDF printing and shared with permitting authorities to expedite project approval. It was the first of a handful of semi-automated reports created.