Sean Gordon Wittmeyer

Senior Product Designer
Product Strategist
UX Researcher


Experienced senior UI/UX designer dedicated to creating the next generation of powerful and intuitive tools for complex workflows. 

I combine my background as an architect and experince founding two startups with my deep understanding of data, business strategy, research, and product management to craft digital experiences and tools for the AEC industry.
Case Studies

Professional Work

Modumate - UI Library

Product Design, UX Research
I led the research, design and testing effort to realign the app on a user experience design system in order to simplify and streamline the app as new functionality was being added.

Version 3 introduced a beta version of the app’s Figma-esque redesign as it transitioned from unreal to the web. I took over the beta and revisited the design system as we began to add a number of large features to cater to a larger and more diverse user base.

Go to Market Strategy

• Grew an audience of 2600 followers in 2 months
• Achieved an ROAS of at least 9x (target was 4x)
• Raised $66k on Kickstarter in 30 days (222% of goal)
I took a chapter out of Founding Sales and Traction to design a plan to establish awareness and acquire prospective customers. I used n8n and Mailchimp to optimize ad delivery and ran concurrent A/B tests on ads, webpages, and emails in an intense 2 month period to maximize the number of email subscribers.

The website was designed to cater the playful nature of board games and to utilize the game art to bring people in. Our landing page evolved based on performance metrics and had a single call to action keeping users moving forward on their user journey towards subscription and Kickstarter purchase.