Sean Gordon Wittmeyer

Senior Product Designer
Product Strategist
UX Researcher


Experienced senior UI/UX designer dedicated to creating the next generation of powerful and intuitive tools for complex workflows. 

I combine my background as an architect and experince founding two startups with my deep understanding of data, business strategy, research, and product management to craft digital experiences and tools for the AEC industry.
Case Studies

Professional Work

Modumate - Super Schedule

Product Design, UX Research

I led the user research and UI/UX design for Modumate's schedule feature and the integration of quantities throughout the app. After a user research engagement, we tested and implemented the Schedules view and other related interfaces. This feature, crucial for 3D modeling software, ensures accurate model quantifications, offering significant time and cost savings for architects and builders by making data extraction straightforward and reliable.

Data In, Data Out

• Create a schedules/quantities interface on top of Modumate’s quantification functionality  
• Integrate live quantities throughout the modeling interfaces
• Build deliverable reports for end users with quantity data

Understanding Precedents

Architects communicate design intent through structured drawing sets and expansive tables called schedules. These generally include references to help builders understand what to build and where. We conducted research to identify that these tables are a key pain and are a leading cause for RFIs on longer lead time items like windows and doors. 

Live Quantities as Schedules

Schedules tend to be the last thing put into a drawing set but can become a resource to make better BIM models. We designed the super schedule feature as a modeling aid that was powerful and flexible enough to be shared with builders and clients. To do this, we built a table system that was visually grouped yet flexible enough to handle various types of building parts and assemblies.


The quantities feature was tech-dept that became a feature through the implementation of the data it could quantify. We worked with pilot customers to identify an MVP for quantities in the modeling workflow and expanded the feature to include new detail cards identifying assembly data related to the selected instance and it’s family. We also extended the feature to include cost data which helped increase paid subscriptions. 


The quantities feature and schedules became the first deliverable Modumate allowed users to share with clients. With a single click, project data sheets were available on the web and included renderings, door and window schedules, drawings, and FF&W lists.