I worked with leadership and spearheaded the development of a number of significant features that could diversify revenue streams for Modumate. I developed strategy and validated Marketplace as a way to expand our content library and partner with vendors in one feature release.



Product Design, Solution Engineering, UX Research

Diversification and Content

Building on one of the most requested features - the asset library in Modumate was expanded and provided users access to accurate premium models and accurate building assemblies from the top door, window, and other building supplies manufacturers opening up a new source of funding for the platform.


Validated 4 new revenue streams in 2 months
Developed a sales funnel for vendor partnership and onboarding
Designed a revamped marketplace panel, product modals, and detail views integrated throughout the app
Integrated the marketplace into the quantities epic optimizing development time

Vendor marketplace sales deck (image linked)

Building a Sales Funnel

Modumate had optimized a sales funnel for our software users but we needed to build a new funnel for reaching out to vendors and onboarding them with white glove service. The presentation linked above was an example of how storytelling played a role in developing business relationships as a part of an end-to-end design strategy for the vendor marketplace.