Sean Gordon Wittmeyer

Senior Product Designer
Product Strategist
UX Researcher


Experienced senior UI/UX designer dedicated to creating the next generation of powerful and intuitive tools for complex workflows. 

I combine my background as an architect and experince founding two startups with my deep understanding of data, business strategy, research, and product management to craft digital experiences and tools for the AEC industry.
Case Studies


Complexity Explorer

Product Design, Development

A product of my graduate school research and assistantship with Dr. Sharon Wohl, I designed and developed a digital resource for urban designers and researchers looking to understand cities as complex systems. The app presents research that brings together and breaks down complexity theory into easy to understand bit sized pieces and included a series of visualizations, interfaces, and games to help build the app and the community supporting it.

Platform for Complexity Research

• Create a living repository for complexity terms
• Build a place for demonstrating complexity systems   
Navigating Complexity was born out of a teaching and research assistantship with Sharon Wohl. The app was developed as a teaching aid for her Complex Adaptive Systems Theory course for architecture and urban design students. A playground was developed for students to upload and rate content in a decentralized process for content creation and moderation. 

The project expanded through a fellowship with the University of Amsterdam and a comprehensive research repository was developed. Accounts for collaborating researchers were established and visualizations and graphics accompanied content.