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Pylos, a knowledge sharing platform for architecture firms specialized in computational and performance design resources.
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A personal online playground for projects, thoughts and hobbies.


The homepage serves as an introduction for new visitors, a directory of the Pylos  and Field Notes topics and themes for those looking for something specific, as well as a consolidated source for weather, ski, and news for its creator.

Field Notes

A place to demonstrate thought leadership through articles, observations, ideas, and a collection of links across the web, organized into 6 themes.

Exploring the themes in the horizontal layout
Options for the list layout


Each theme has two roles - categorize the varied content in Field Notes and serves as a guide and introduction before visitors dive in to the content. From the introduction essay to the primers, the themes are the heart of the website.


Articles come in a number of formats but are clean and try to get out of the way of the ideas within them. Layouts are intended to shift in-order to best display each type of content from long form essays to short ideas and quotes.


A simple tracker to share and compare days on the mountain.

Overview Quickly get an idea of the conditions on the mountain including weather, snoow reports and hover over to enlarge webcams and see stats from past tracked days. 

Ski Day Dive in with a summary of the day’s speeds, distance, and time or break it down by run. The heat map shows speed and tracks. All commplimented with the resort details and current conditions.

The Feed

Progress and innovation requires a broad sphere of influence however with a critical eye to filter signal from the noise. The Feed is a collector of interesting moments across the web, a record of the bleeding edge of architecture, urbanism, cities, and technology.

Feed by Type The feed is more content than layouts so it is kept simple - put the content first. It defaults to a grid of link previews but allows for a timeline view, a tag cloud extracted from links, and live search to filter out relevant moments of the past.