Sean Gordon Wittmeyer

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Pylos, a knowledge sharing platform for architecture firms specialized in computational and performance design resources.
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Over the last few years, I have been developing platforms for sharing computational design resources and knowledge for design firms and researchers. Pylos and The Complexity Explorer are the latest webapps designed and built to bring curated digital experiences into the hands of designers engaging with a more connected and complex world. Other digital diversions are on my website and some are open-sourced.
I am a registered architect in Colorado and Oregon focusing on environmental performance and computational design with Masters in both Urban Design and Architecture from Iowa State University. I am a believer in the design-build way of production, striving to make places and spaces specifically designed for people, and enjoy researching how technology can help. I am always up for a week-long build project and love getting my hands dirty.

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Hello from Portland, Oregon.

Contact — Feel free to reach out for speaking engagements, consulting on smart cities or building sustainability, or to simply say hi. I can be reached here.

I’m also rebuilding my personal site, see a preview here.